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Sultana Raza

Breathing technique



I breathe in your light, your peacefulness, your colours,

I breathe out my technique, my strategy, my layers.



I breathe in your stillness, your emptiness, white spaces,

I breathe out my pigments, my fillers, dark phases.



I breathe in your serenity, your harmony, your tranquillity,

I breathe out my stress, my discordance, anxiety.



I breathe in your quietness, your profoundness, your calmness,

I breathe out my anger, my fear, my darkness.



I am replenished with peace, and harmony,

You begin to dissolve in the great eternity.



Sultana Raza is the author of numerous poems, short stories, and articles (on art, films, social, and humanitarian issues) whose works have been published in Canada, the USA, the UK, Luxembourg, North Africa, and India in English and French. Her poems have appeared in London Grip, Caduceus, The New Verse News and more will be published in forthcoming issues of ‘Starline’ and ‘Beyond Imagination.’


An awarded artist, Sultana Raza has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the US.



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