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Stephanie Noble

A Hole is to Fall Into


It’s so hard to remember that

every hole I fall into holds a buried treasure

because I am too busy clawing my way out

and cursing my fate to remember to:


Let go!


Fall deep!


and, upon reaching bottom: Sit still!


Here in this quiet darkness of nondoing,

the steady rising and falling of the breath

slowly unearths the buried treasure.



Dragon at the Gate


In the West

we have dragons

knights reach


by slaying.


In the East

the dragon

waits at the gate

of nirvana.


Sit with your dragon

until it wags its tail,

licks your hand and

lets you pass.



Prodigal Mind


When my mind

returns to the breath

there is such a sense

of homecoming

such a celebration of

this most perfect union


that I would not be surprised

if the invitations were sent out

the band hired

and the cake decorated


were there only enough time

before my wayward mind

sets off to wandering again.



Stephanie Noble’s poems have been published in the Atlanta Review, IthacaLit, DoveTales, Pilgrimage Magazine (Colorado State University - Pueblo), the Marin Poetry Center Anthology 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014; the anthology Unsilenced, the Spirit of Women and other publications. One of her poems was nominated for the 2014 Pushcart Prize. Stephanie teaches insight meditation in San Rafael, California and is the author of "Tapping the Wisdom Within, A Guide to Joyous Living."