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Liza Hyatt

Lunch Break Walk


From one step

to the next

I move from

not awake




From one breath

to the next

I move from

empty and alone


full and with.


From one thought

to the next

I move from

“I have failed…”


“Such beauty!”



Sitting in a Car in a Rural Indiana Parking Lot


Wet wind,

the sound of chain

striking flagpole.

A lakeshore sound though

no lake nearby.

Rain swollen clouds

over Midwest soybean fields

and flowering crabapples.


Loosened white petals,

like moths at dusk and snow.

This, the season of both.

Between storms,

robins build a nest on an agitated bough.

A dory in a gale.

The unseeable shore.

Each life, a small wave

riding another wave.

Departing as it arrives.

Arriving as it departs.



Liza Hyatt is the author of The Mother Poems (Chatter House Press, 2014), Under My Skin, (WordTech Editions, 2012), Seasons of the Star Planted Garden (Stonework Press, 1999), and Stories Made of World (Finishing Line Press, 2013). She has been published in various regional, national, and international journals and anthologies including Reckless Writing, Tipton Poetry Journal, Contemporary American Voices, Indy Writes Books, Painted Bride Quarterly, THEMA, Pudding Magazine, Flying Island, Branches Magazine, and England’s Tears in the Fence. In 2006, Hyatt received an Individual Artist Project Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission.

Liza is an art therapist (ATR-BC, LMHC) and adjunct professor at both St. Mary of the Woods College and Herron School of Art and Design. She hosts a monthly poetry reading at the Lawrence Art Center on the east side of Indianapolis. She is the author of Art of the Earth: Ancient Art for a Green Future (Authorhouse, 2007) an art-based eco-psychology workbook. For more information, visit