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Shobhana Kumar



it is i

who has come this far

i who has transformed

my world

from the dream it was

to the dream it is.


who has needed little

else but


and guts

and sweat.


but you have your mother’s eyes,

father’s heart,

grandfather’s stubbornness

and your aunt’s attitude.


but with these, grandson,

you also have

the milk from a thousand cows,

grains from countless fields

and the blood of unknown

soldiers of sweat

running in your veins.


yes, you.



who am i then?





every night,

the banyan tree

became our home,

between its roots

we tied  mother’s

old saree,

and lulled our little one to sleep.

on its leaves

we spread our meagre meals

and allotted spaces

for ourselves

amid its

convoluted crevices.


one day, we travelled

a little farther than


and came back to


levelled ground.


the crow’s nest lay broken.



Shobhana Kumar's first collection, 'The Voices Never Stop' was published by Writers Workshop in 2012. Her second collection titled, '*conditions apply' is under print. Her work features in several journals and 'The Dance of the Peacock', an anthology of contemporary poetry from India, edited by Dr. Vivekanand Jha. She also has 4 books of non fiction.