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Christopher Leibow

In the blowing snow
                      flying a kite,


the old monk


can almost hear

his long dead mother


                  calling him inside.


The Temple Cat


The incense smoke rises,

     in the summer heat -


our eyes half closed, counting

     breaths while the temple cat’s paw


           touches each cheek gently in turn.


Then she leaves us to find some

          shade, and the youngest monk


will find her starring

               at the garden wall


her eyes half open like Bodhidharma


or in the Hall of Kuan Yin

              as the true lover of the Lotus Sutra,


asleep on top of the open book.



Christopher Leibow is a poet, a visual artist and a performer of small slights of hand. He is an MFA graduate of Antioch and has been published in numerous journals and online, including Juked, Interim, and Barrow Street and Cricket Online Review. His art has appeared in Lumina, 491 Magazine and has been a featured artist online with Cha: A Journal of Asian Writing and OFZOOs. He is a two time Pushcart Award nominee and a Utah Book Award Nominee and the winner of the Writers@Work Writers Advocate Award in 2008. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, with his cat El Guapo.