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Monika John

Dark Cloud’s Blessing

Overcast skies and winter showers
spark quiet contentment:

no sounds but the ticking of a clock
and water falling from heaven.

Thoughts of isolation
dissolve in deepening solitude.

Sacred communion flows from silence
into a ready listening heart.

Rain drops draw invisible circles
in emptiness free from wants and planning.


Mountain river rushes
drowning wind song-

Gongs drone slowly
calling the moment: one, one…

Breath moves lower
in down, out down-

No thinking
only listening, listen with


Spring Mourning

Spring sunshine
pale yellow
on the mountain -

my heart mourns
the passing
of winter silence

2012 poems have been accepted for a poetry collection (to be published by Sampad, UK in partnership with the British Council as part of an international writing competition, entitled “Tagore Inspired”) and Crone Magazine. 2011 prose and poems were published in Presence, Fungi and Urthona Magazine UK, Penwood Review, USA Sathya Sai Newsletters. Earlier poetry appeared in various US and UK journals.