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Ted King

In Defense Of Time

I like to walk in your neighborhood.

I like to walk by your house.

I like your yard.  It's so casual.

You've got that pile of  old bricks

that I'm sure you'll use for something someday.

Nice old picket fence, but with a broken gate.

I see some peeling paint on your window trim.

You should fix that pretty soon.

Forest green would look nice.

And I see you have a dog.

I have a dog too.

Mine is better behaved.

I wonder if we'll ever meet?

Probably not.

I can tell by your style that

You will never have enough time.

Funny idea.

Basic science proves you wrong.

When Einstein taught us that Time is relative

What he meant is that

you and I relate to time differently.

You think you don't have enough,

whereas I know you do.

Time plays no favorites.

We all have exactly the right amount of time.

Ted King writes Taoist/Buddhist influenced poetry and short stories.  He is a member of the Minneapolis Writers Workshop.