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Timothy McLafferty

after the rain


four clocks and two watches


the stillness of this place


standing in the light of a

single bulb

I count my silver hairs


a drop falls from the

shower head

every fourteen seconds





Here in the soft rotting


the lotus taps its root:


it begins here in a

perceived impurity.


Who will berate the

lotus on account

of its humble origin?


Who will mock its


or deny its faith?


And so Buddhas

rest upon them.



Sengai Ato: Roku Jizo


he’d thought about it

many times before

while preparing his ink


the curved line

the stroke

its pressure, weight

and lightness


he filled his brush

began and finished

a mandala universe


and within it

six Buddhas

at prayer for peace


a prayer for peace.



Tim McLafferty lives in NYC and works as a drummer. He has played on Broadway in Urinetown, Grey Gardens, and many other interesting places. His work currently appears in many fine journals, including Forge, Painted Bride Quarterly, Pearl, Portland Review, and Right Hand Pointing.