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Susan Kelly-Dewitt



If I am dreaming, who will wake me
with a kiss on each eyelid?

If the road outside leads to the river
why is the water so cold?

Why is it the red heliconia
resembles a war club?


What happens if enlightenment happens
on the road to ignorance?

If, instead of falling, you stay seated
on the horse?

“…a prominent provider of workplace drug tests, said that the rate of employees testing positive for prescription opiates rose by more than 40 percent from 2005 to 2009, and by 18 percent last year alone.”

--New York Times, 2/25/10

Two crows glide
like black letters

across gray

The black die
rolls inside.

When the Buddha was asked
What are you?

he answered,

Everyone’s mind
is someplace else.

Medicine, 3:00 A.M.

Shantideva says: Whatever happens,
I will not let my cheerfulness be disturbed.
Being unhappy won’t get me anywhere
and will dissipate my goodness.

Sambhava says: Why say the search is futile?
Thought and liberation exist simultaneously. Why say
all medicines are impotent? This awareness is
the medicine. Why say I don’t know?

Susan Kelly-DeWitt is the author of The Fortunate Islands (Marick Press), as well as eight previous small press collections. Her new chapbook Season of Change was recently published online by Mudlark..) Her work has also been included in many anthologies, including The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poets. You can visit her website at