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Catherine Wald

October Haiku


We are gifted with

yellow, rust, scarlet visions

and, sadly, foresight.



Sparks and Ashes


Livid and luminous,


branches electrify




Darkness beckons

with its murky secrets,

its royal sadness,

its reverberating silences.


Time to tread

the circular stair-

case of


eyes filled with








Think the odds

are stacked against

you? Consider this:


The minute you dip one

toe in the froth, the

Ocean belongs to you.


As soon as you forget

who you think you are,

you discover Who you are.


Even if you take only

one small bite of Love’s buffet

you’ll never go hungry again.



Catherine Wald's chapbook, Distant, burned-out stars, was published in 2011 (Finishing Line Press); poems have appeared in American Journal of Nursing, Chronogram, Exit 13, Friends Journal, Westchester Review and on She is author of The Resilient Writer: Tales of Rejection and Triumph from 23 Authors (Persea 2004) and articles in Journal of Creative Nonfiction, Poets & Writers and Writer’s Digest.