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Carol Bindel

Feet On Shifting Sand


At the edge, the endless edge

of surf, wind and sky

the womb of the world


How does this foam-trimmed blue

tan purple gray green pink-tint

place give birth to all color and life

Early light rises from night


then sudden, sharp flame

as if to rip open skin


source eye beaming

the shock of glory


through slits of tear-wet lashes

I see a wide, polished copper slide

I could clamber onto like a child

and ride into that generative fire


I place the tip of my tongue

to lips moist in salt air, taste

of bread and water of life

pulse that fills my need


You are wave

and I am breaking


I only ask to be




Little Cat Writes Poetry


She sprawls her bold title across the page

where I would read.

She hides her tale from strangers, shares all

with those who give her time and care.


Her energetic paws

print a chase-scene narrative                                        

on the polished table.

After a nap, she stretches, meanders,

her lyrical lines loop and curve

on the wet tiles of my just-washed floor.                       


Her tidy steps turn where she arches,

strokes my leg, smiles into my face,

and her question-mark tail asks,

already so sure of the answer.



Still Life with Lemons


On a day when I have no sugar

I place my lemons in a cobalt blue

bowl and set them in bright light.


I take one, stroke its nubbly skin,

inhale the zesty scent bursting out

where a small dig bruises it.


Symmetric and whole but not round, I

push the small nipple of the flower end

into the center of my palm,


a firm, defined point of pressure.

I thumb the indentation where the stem

once held it to the tree like an umbilical cord


and then let go. Eyes closed, I contemplate

the tart, juicy sections encased within and then

release it back into the beautiful, deep blue.



Carol Bindel's poetry has appeared in Loch Raven Review, UU World, The Baltimore Sun, City Paper, Zelos and elsewhere. Her first collection, Inherited Estate: A Song Cycle, was published in 2012. She lives quietly in rural Maryland.