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Sylvia Forges-Ryan

Haiku Sequence


Clearing a path

            I follow the song

                        of an unknown bird


Still shining

            over the old pond

                        light from a fallen star


Sun on the horizon

            a child tosses sand

                        back into the sea


Learning at last

            how to let go---

                        dandelion puffs


Let me die

            the night after

                        the last daylily blooms



Sylvia Forges-Ryan has published her poetry in Americas Review, Colere, Dogwood Review, Inquiring Mind, Insight, Shambala Sun, Tricycle, The Merton Seasonal, and the Yale Anglers’ Journal as well as in numerous anthologies. A former Editor of Frogpond, her poems have been translated into many languages. She is co-author of Take a Deep Breath: The Haiku Way to Inner Peace.