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Kaveri Patel

Perfect Questions


What if I never wrote another poem,
never saw another patient,
or meditated ever again?
Would I still be respected?


Why is the President more valuable
then a prisoner on death row?
Why is your child’s heart more precious
than a homeless person’s heart?
Isn’t a homeless person also
someone else’s child?


I don’t want to live this life
always grooming myself for
the next moment, pretending
there is a better version of us
all just around the bend,


when all the perfect questions
never asked for perfect answers.



Snail Wisdom


contracting against
all that’s hard
then re-emerging
to feel the earth
trusting in
softness again



Kaveri Patel is a poet, mother, and healer residing in northern California. Her work has appeared where it was meant to live and speak. Find out more about her books here: